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Sick rp Starters
"Hey there, Rudolph."
"I'm pretty sure tissues exist so you won't sneeze on me."
"Ugh! Cover your mouth!"
"You sound awful, you know that?"
"And you've been like this how long?"
"You really can't take care of yourself, can you?"
"Oh, gross! I better not get sick!"
"What are you doing here? You should be in bed."
"You're kind of adorable when you're sick. You know, in a pathetic way."
"Stop it! You're getting your germs everywhere!"
"I'm taking care of you, and that's final."
"I don't care if I get sick. I just want to help you get better."
"Did you sleep last night?"
"You've been coughing an awful lot. You okay?"
"Jesus! That the tenth time you've sneezed on me today! What is your problem?"
"Did you just throw up?"
"Do you need more blankets?"
"Is it too hot or too cold?"
"Hmmm, you definitely have a fever."
"I think it's bedtime for you."
"You have to take the medicine, or you won't get better!"
"Hey, you alright? You look pale."
"Here, just take the whole box of tissues."
"Gosh, you must be really sick..."

(I think  your askbox hates me…..again…)

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hey, ever wanted to get me to wear a dress?


Closed RP w/ Lone-Hocaloid


Kisshu roughly fell from his position in the air to the floor after a tiny hand grasped him around the ankle and tugged him down. With a wince, the teen rubbed his backside with a thin hand and glared upward at the female planted firmly on the edge of her bed.

"My goal isn’t to completely eradicate the human race, you idiot," Kisshu hissed between clenched teeth. "At least not anymore. It’s purely scientific. I would hope you would be intelligent enough to understand that." Kisshu crossed his arms and scowled up at the girl in front of him. "And besides, kitten," He continued. "Don’t act like humans are any better! Destroying wild-life and forests for their ‘research’ and looking for ways to fuel the economy! They’re destroying their own planet for the sake of science, so why can’t I just destroy a few of them for the sake of my own studies!?"

Aku folded her arms. “Because not all of us are actually like that, Kisshu! Some of us actually hate the same humans who do nothing but destroy the environment just to earn more money! They don’t know what they’re doing and they won’t care until it’s too late. Some of us are actually trying to SAVE the planet. I’m not going to say humans are better because half the time, we are just as idiotic and sometimes we believe animals are more intelligent. Some of us are actually decent! Don’t associate us, good folks with those greedy bastards!”

She sighed and rubbed her temples. The girl had to calm down before she ended up killing him in this room and she really couldn’t afford to do that. “I know that destroying the planet is our fault. Some do it because they have to. We need to support ourselves and our family in order to survive. Just because we do it doesn’t mean we have to like it.”


                   knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game ! !
tagged by:

  • name;; Renee
  • age;; Nope, not tellin’
  • how old were you when you first started playing?;; *cough cough*
  • height;; 5’2” 
  • OCs or canons?;; Aku is technically an OC so I guess OCs but I’ve never really done canons.
  • females or males?;; I can probably do either or but I never bothered to do a male, really.
  • least favorite face claim;; I actually don’t have an answer for that. My Face claim’s always been the same so yeah. XDD
  • worst rp experience ever;; I’ve had a few but I’d rather not talk about them.
  • fluff, angst, or smut?;; You can never go wrong with fluff! I can’t say anything about smut or angst because I haven’t done too much of either.
  • worst character you’ve ever played;; That would actually be my Ai Mikaze. I love him and still do but I couldn’t do anything with him.
  • favorite type of plot;; I don’t really have a favorite type of plot. Half the plots I have with other RPers come straight from our asses. XDD
  • at what time of day is your writing the best?;; Honestly, I can’t really say. I get a lot of ideas when it’s day or night time. I suppose it’s when I can actually relax and not have to worry about anything constantly breathing down my neck.
  • are you anything like your muse?;; I’d be lying if I said no. Aku’s personality is actually based somewhat off of my own. I am extremely shy but take an interest in music, can be curious and perverted and get incredibly serious when I’m working or planning something.
  • worst thing about RP;; When you feel you’re not good enough for anyone or anything. No one comes to ask you if you want to RP and no one answers you if you ask if anyone wants to RP and you’re just kinda sitting there, feeling lonely, inadequate and isolated.
  • best thing about RP;; Meeting some great friends and learning tips from other people. I’ve helped a lot of people and I’ve also gotten great writing tips from everyone. Thank you! ^_^

tag five or more awesome people to fulfill this application ! !
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Aku smiled and approached him as she placed a bag on the table.



『†』: How’ve You Been, Sweetie ? Has life been treating you right ? ❞ Vanitas wishes that he had been around to make sure it had been.

Aku grinned before hugging her brother, snuggling his chest. “I’ve been doing great, Onii-chan. Work’s calmed down and they’re letting me have some more time off. What about you?” She asked, looking up at him.